- The collection will consist of 1222 Gojiras built on the Solana blockchain.
- Each and every attribute is hand drawn by our talented pixel artist.
- Launch of our social media: Twitter, Discord, Instagram, TikTok.
- Implementation of Gojira's AR instagram filter for further giveaways. 
- Initial Whitelisting through creative contests, quizzes & games.
- Website launch consisting information about the project.
- Marketing plan through : giveaways, collabs, promotions.

Gojira Launch 
- Launch of Gojira collection on our mint website.
- Listing of the collection on Magic Eden after mint.
- Implementation of Rarity Tools.
- Implementation of Holders verification & Sales-Bot via Solaland.

- Establishing governance & Voting system through Gojira Dao.
- Whitelist spots tie-ups and collaborations with other projects.
- Long term growth and continuous development of the Gojira eco-system.
- Marketing promotions, collabs, giveaways for keeping the Gojira in the forefront of the Solana community.


- Staking

- Raffle system

- Gen2